Dr. Phillips is a board-certified family physician and medical correspondent who is available to speak about health care, exercise, nutrition, and other medical topics.

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A leading medical authority for the popular press, Gretchen Phillips, M.D., is a Board-Certified Family Physician and is a featured expert for radio and television.

As a doctor and working mother who practices in Minnesota, Dr. Gretchen Phillips has developed a special gift in communicating with her patients. She turns complicated medical issues into easily understood concepts and relates with her patients regardless of their background or disability.

Dr. Gretchen Phillips is a graduate of Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina. She completed her Family Medicine internship while on active duty with the United States Navy and her residency at the University of Florida, where she served as Chief Resident.

Dr. Phillips' clinical experience includes outpatient clinical medicine, hospital care, nursing home care, home-based health care for geriatric and disabled patients, military medicine, insurance medicine, virtual care and emergency care. She has had extensive training in healthcare administration, utilization review, team-based medical care and community care programs.

Dr. Phillips hosted a weekly medical program for CBS radio for three years. From there, her interests moved to television and public speaking. As a medical correspondent, she is up to date on medical issues that matter most to Americans. Dr. Phillips has worked with CBS and PBS developing on-air content and is frequently featured on NBC and Fox Television. Additionally, Dr. Phillips has been honored to be part of the Medical Advisory Board for The Dr. Oz Show since 2012 and has appeared with Dr. Oz on his television show three times.

Dr. Phillips has headlined multiple national health promotion campaigns, both on radio and television. With a pleasant and direct delivery and keen insights into human nature, Dr. Gretchen Phillips is uniquely qualified to assist you in explaining complicated medical information in a manner that will be easily understood by your audience.

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